Welcome to Borger Apiaries!

Borger Apiaries, located in Christiansburg, VA, hopes to provide you with prompt and skillful service in the following areas:
  • Honey Bee Removal (extraction from homes, barns, outbuildings, etc.)
  • Swarm Capture: no charge (receive a free 1 lb jar of honey if bees successfully captured!)
In addition, we have natural honey available for sale:
  • Honey and Honey Bee products
  • Limited supply of queens and nucleus colonies (Nucs)

  Dealing with honey bees

Honey bees "swarm" (assemble as a group outside of their nest) as a natural means of replicating the colony and ensuring the species reproduce and survive.  Swarming ends with the bees finding a new nest site.  You can Read more about Swarming

Should you find honey bees in your home, garage, or an outbuilding, do not spray them with pesticide. No pesticides are approved for use on honey bees, and ethical exterminators generally won’t touch honey bees. Although it’s unlikely you’d be able to reach enough of the comb to kill all the bees by spraying the entrance, if you were
successful, you might create bigger problems. Without the honey bees to care for the brood and honey, vermin (ants, mice, wax moths, small hive beetles, etc.) will be attracted, and the honey may ferment and leak down walls and through ceilings, potentially causing major damage.

Contact someone experienced in removing honey bees to assist you. Most will work with you to provide the service you need, whether that be full bee extraction and structure repair, or if you’re handy and are comfortable doing repairs yourself, just removal of the bees.